Permanent Residency In Canada: The Essential Guide On How To Obtain Permanent Residency In Canada

Canada has become one of the most popular immigration destinations. Let’s learn why One of the most important reasons is the streamlining of the immigration process in this country.

This streamlined process is now called Express Entry and applies to all Canadian provinces except Quebec. It helps you use in the three categories of Experience Class Canada, Skilled Worker (Federal), and Federal Skilled Trades.

Let’s learn about the specific requirements in these categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker: In this category of immigration to Canada, you must have work experience of 30 hours per week for one year in your home country. If you have worked part-time, this experience must be 15 hours per week over two years.
  • Any potential candidate wishing to immigrate to Canada should note that they must demonstrate as much experience, and none of their unpaid experiences will be included.
  • Work experience must also level, skill level 0, A, and B according to the national occupational classification code of that country. All of this experience must take place within ten years of submitting your Canadian immigration application.
  • The next category of immigration to Canada is skilled federal trades for which a candidate is eligible if they can demonstrate proficiency in French or English according to Canadian language criteria.
  • The other minimum requirements to obtain this visa are that you must have two years of work experience in a specific skilled trade within the last five years in which you will apply for immigration to Canada. In addition to this work experience, you can also have a job offer in Canada for a minimum of one year.
  • Otherwise, it is essential to have a qualification certificate issued by an authority in a territory or province of Canada for your previous work experience.
  • The last category of an application under Immigration Canada is the Experience Canada class: In this category, applicants must have experience in Canada. The candidate must have one year of previous professional experience in this country. This experience should last three years before making your Express Entry request. The different language skills required for immigration to Canada fit different criteria for reading, speaking, listening, and writing.
  • This Express Entry category applies to those who plan to stay outside the province of Quebec. If you are approved in the Express Entry pool, you are eligible for one year. After this deadline, the candidate must create a new Express Entry profile.
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