Belize Travel Information; Prime Reasons To Move To Belize

Whether you are a person working for a bank, a teacher, a businessman, a student, or a retiree – there is no reason why you should not consider moving to Belize. Check out the list of reasons to move to Belize for a great life:

1. Belize is beautiful

Belize is in the lap of Mother Nature, surrounded by crystal clear water, lush green trees, and amazing wildlife. There’s no reason you can’t fall in love with Belize. It is the best place for nature lovers.

2. The cost of living is inexpensive

The cost of living in Belize is much cheaper than in all nearby countries, such as America and Canada. This is why many Americans, Canadians, and even European families have moved to Belize.

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3. Belizeans speak English

The best thing about Belize is that English is the national language. So there is no chance that you will get lost. You can easily interact with the locals and find your way to your destination.

4. Fresh food

Belizean cuisine is made from fresh ingredients, usually consisting of beans and rice. The herbs they use are also fresh. Belizean cuisine has a touch of Mexican and Spanish cuisine. If you’re tired of the local food, don’t worry about anything as they also have burgers and pizza slices.

5. Relaxed environment

The overall atmosphere of Belize is very relaxed. As soon as you land in Belize, you feel like time has slowed down or has started moving in slow motion. The presence of green and soothing sandy beaches make the place slow and relaxed.

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6. Outdoor activities

There are many outdoor activities for people of all ages. For nature and wildlife enthusiasts, Belize has museums, coral islands, and Belize Zoo. If you love the water you can enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, diving, and much more of the outdoor activities. Like none of these, you can lie in a hammock and read your favorite book while enjoying the perfect tropical drink.

7. Clubs

Belize has many clubs for those who like to enjoy the nightlife. Even though you will find many clubs and meeting places, it is recommended to go to groups, especially in Belize City.

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8. No taxes

Buying property in Belize is extremely easy as there is no government tax as such. When you buy real estate, you don’t have to pay state tax or capital gains tax, so you can save a huge amount and use it elsewhere.

9. Friendly people

Belizeans are extremely friendly people. They are hospitable and cordial. So when you enter Belize you don’t have to be shy just talk to the locals and they will help you with whatever you want.

10. Small population

Belize is a small country, with vast countries and waters, but with a small population. Therefore, there is not much traffic on the roads, most people use a bicycle or go to places on foot.