Thoughts on new careers As Weyburn police recruits share in law enforcement

Three newcomers were confirmed to the Weyburn Police Service as of late, and are beginning preparing at the Saskatchewan Police College.

Lisa Robertson, Preston Roy and Levi Elford shared about their experiences and why they are seeking after vocations in the police administration.

was brought up in Weyburn. She has lived in Weyburn the vast majority of her life other than disappearing to Saskatoon and Regina for tutoring, and filled in as a volunteer fireman for about 8.5 years with the Weyburn Fire Department.

“I have been the Community Safety Officer with the Weyburn Police Service since June of 2019,” she stated, ascribing this experience to sparking her interest for police work.

“During my time as Community Safety Officer, I picked up experience and information on policing and chose I needed to find out more and have the option to assist in the network as much as could be expected under the circumstances. I am eager to begin my new job as a Constable,” said Robertson.

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Roy was likewise brought up in Weyburn, and said he is energized for the occasion to join the gathering of individuals at the Weyburn Police Service and to serve the network.

“My better half and two youngsters similarly share my energy and I express gratitude toward them ahead of time for their proceeded with help as relatives consistently assume a basic part in an official’s wellbeing and health,” he stated, taking note of his dad is additionally a previous 25-year individual from the WPS, so “I was blessed to have picked up a decent feeling of what being an official involves.”

“While I’ve appreciated working longer than 10 years in the weighty oil industry as a wellbeing expert (driving to northern Alberta areas), I’m anticipating working in Weyburn in another position that is centered around the security and security of individuals. My mom worked at the Weyburn General Hospital as an attendant, and my sibling and cousin keep on working with the crisis clinical administrations in Weyburn, so one could state aiding and serving the network of Weyburn is in the blood,” said Roy.

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Elford was raised on a PFRA field outside of Milestone, and he wedded his better half Kirstin in 2014 and purchased their home in Milestone that very year.

“We presently have three youngsters, Paisley, eight; Kaleb, six, and Rylan, two. Since moving back to my old neighborhood I joined our volunteer local group of fire-fighters where I have made the most of my time there gigantically,” said Elford. “I accept this developed my longing to serve and I am currently a lot of anticipating serving in the city of Weyburn with the Weyburn Police Service.”

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