Promises to pay N40,000 monthly to graduates As Lagos flags off 2020 internship programme

Lagos State Government has hailed off the 2020 Lagos State Graduate Internship Placement Program (LASGIPP).

As per the official statement gave by the Lagos State Government, relating key minutes at the banner off function for the Internship Placement Program (LASGIPP), on Tuesday at Radio Lagos/Eko FM Marquee, Governor Sanwo-Olu tested alumni under the Graduate Internship Program to demonstrate their grit at their different spots of temporary job.

He guaranteed them of a month to month allowance of N40,000 from the State Government, all through the time of the temporary position. He approached the recipients to focus on a more significant standard of being monetarily autonomous, seek after the master plan of being Chief Executive Officers of their individual organizations later in future, and not be placated with the payment.

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The Governor, who was spoken to at the occasion by the Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Mrs. Yetunde Arobieke, encouraged the recipients to utilize the chance, and assemble enough experience that would fill in as a cushion to making sure about paid work or as free business people.

Arobieke encouraged the understudies to make the State Government glad in their individual associations by being resources and not liabilities to their managers.

What they are stating

In his comment, the Chairman, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Wealth Creation, Mr. Jude Idimogu, communicated the conviction that the commitment of the alumni as understudies regardless of the heap of difficulties of Y2020 shows the real responsibility of Governor Sanwo-Olu to productively connect with the adolescents.

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The Governor of Lagos State in his words stated:

“The Graduate Internship Placement Program we are hailing off today is one of the State government’s ability building programs created to change the story about our alumni being unemployable and coming up short on the imperative workplace morals and culture. It is a remarkable variation among the various projects intended to diminish the expanding joblessness rate in the nation and furthermore quicken the State’s post-COVID monetary recuperation.”

The Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Mr. Segun Dawodu, additionally guaranteed that candidates under the GIPP, who are yet to be caught, would be remembered for the ensuing releases of the Program. In his words he stated:

“Year 2021 would observer a greater amount of Youth benevolent arrangements and expanded commitment with the youthful age and a few partners in the general public, notwithstanding the advancement of grassroots brandishing exercises.”

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Main concern

The State Government uncovered that the Graduate Internship Placement Program will assist with finding a manageable answer for the issue of joblessness in the state and the constant expansion in the Country.

Nonetheless, the most important insights from the National Bureau of Statistics uncovers that Nigeria’s joblessness rate as at the second quarter of 2020 was 27.1%; this shows that about 21.7 million Nigerians stay jobless, while 13.9 million Nigerian young people are jobless.

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